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About us

After many years of experience in the catering business, Ranjor wanted to offer in Padua the cuisine of the authentic Indian tradition featured with high quality food and a special care in their preparation and presentation.In the city centre of Padua it is possible to live the experience of a journey discovering India, its flavours and aromas, in a restaurant that distinguish itself for its uniqueness and genuineness.

Everything is Indian at “Rangoli”: the staff, in their traditional dress, the friendly and careful service, the environment and its peculiar rooms: everything is carefully selected for a step into the authentic Indian spirit. Indian cuisine will delight your taste with its gently spicy or hot aromas: combined with a rich wine list, you will be offered specialty seafood, chicken or lamb cooked in the traditional Tandoor oven, as well as a wide choice of delicious vegetarian dishes.

Witnesses of this bond with the authentic Indian culinary tradition are the Indian customers (business man, students or “simple” workers) that choose “Rangoli” during their stay in Italy: it won’t be uncommon to find them eating right at the table next to your...

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